High Trails Leadership Team 


Sarah Krumholz grew up outside of Boston, MA. She studied history at Kenyon College in Ohio before moving out to Colorado. As an instructor for Overland Summers and the Colorado Outward Bound School, she's explored the mountains of Colorado, Switzerland, Iceland, and Alaska. Though she was respectfully booted from her sixth-grade choir, some students have favorably compared her trail-singing voice to Norah Jones.

Sarah came out to High Trails to work her first season as a field instructor in the fall of 2013. After 10 seasons of trying to find her tree, Sarah is excited to be up here in Florissant year-round as High Trails' Director.


Logan Parr hails originally from Owensboro, KY. During summer breaks in college, he usually found himself making the long drive out west to Colorado to work for our summer camp program. After receiving a degree from Eastern Kentucky University, and a stint of working on trails for the Conservation Corps in Chattanooga, TN, Logan finally came to work for High Trails. Despite our efforts, we haven't been able to get rid of him yet. Logan is very excited to now be our year-round Assistant Director.

Logan spends most of his down time playing with his four legged companion, Tate, climbing on rocks, roller blading, reading philosophy, and trying to play guitar.

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Hi, I’m Lu Sultze. After 31 wonderful years as a classroom teacher in Academy School District 20, I have transitioned to my Dream Job working for High Trails.  My official title is “Education Consultant” but I am eager to do whatever I can to keep this program dynamic and successful so that students can continue to come up to this mountain community to explore, learn, and grow for many years.  It is a precious gift for me to have this time and place to share in the wonders of our natural world and to harvest curiosity and joy on a daily basis with students, staff and teachers. 


Carlotta "Lottie" Avery is part of the bedrock of High Trails. She grew up in Michigan and came out to Colorado just to visit family. Through the years she has helped develop the program into what it is today. She loves working with teachers and staff to develop a community that is focused on educating every child. Lottie is also a naturalist at heart. It is common to see her walking in the woods near High Trails doing some bird watching, nature photography, or cataloging the current wild flowers in bloom. 


Head Field Instructors

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Hi! My name is Nick (on the right). I’m a native Coloradan, originally from Fort Collins. At University of Colorado - Boulder I studied International Relations, and I've lived in Germany and Egypt. After graduating I made my way out to the mountains. I love climbing, skiing, ice cream, and dystopian novels. I've spent many seasons instructing at High Trails, and I am so excited to come back and lend a hand for others! 


Hello! My name is Melody, and I am originally from Knoxville, Tennessee amongst the grandfather Appalachians. After working as a camp counselor for four years in the south, I moved west to continue working with children in the outdoors. In my free time you can find me frolicking through alpine meadows, slinging paint on canvas, and trail running the beautiful singletrack that the Rockies offer. This will be my sixth season working for the Colorado Outdoor Education Center, and I am overjoyed to be back home amongst the beloved 6,000 acres of High Trails with students once again.