Coming to High Trails is a big step for many students, as they live away from home and parents for part of the school week.  Although this can be a challenge, it results in dramatic growth, increased individualism, and the chance to live with and bond with friends and teachers outside of the traditional school setting.

During their time at High Trails, students will be accompanied by their classroom teachers and members of their school's administrative team, and any discipline issues are dealt with just as they would be in the classroom.  In addition, students learn under the direction of the 20 person High Trails staff on the trail, in the cabins, and around camp.

This is a suggested packing list from us here at High Trails. Specific schools may have additional items that they would like your child to bring. Please check with your school to see if there are any additions that they recommend. 

At the High Trails Outdoor Education Center, student safety is a priority.  We employ at least one full-time nurse, who is on call 24 hours a day and lives on campus to attend to all student, teacher, or staff medical issues.  An assistant nurse is also present on arrival days to help with incoming paperwork and medication organization.  Nurses are charged with administering all student medications when students are on site.  The nursing staff also diagnose students with medical complaints, and are able to administer over the counter medications for students based on HTOEC medical protocols.


All students participating in programs at High Trails must complete the 4-page High Trails medical form.  Parents are required to fill out and sign Page 1, the student emergency form, which allows the High Trails nurse to treat in case of emergency.  Page 2 is also highly recommended as completion allows the High Trails nurse to administer over-the-counter medications on a need basis.  Pages 3 and 4 are for students who will be bringing medications to High Trails.  Please read all forms and directions carefully and return to the student's school in a timely manner.  If the nursing staff has questions or concerns after reviewing student medical paperwork, expect a call.

Food and Dietary Concerns 

Three full meals are provided daily, and the food is great! Students eat with their cabin groups, food is served family-style, and vegetarian options are available at every meal. We provide a well-rounded diet, with plenty of vegetables for lunch and dinner. In addition, fruit is available at any time.


Many students who come to High Trails have not spent the night away from home, and few have been away from parents for 3 to 5 days.  This new challenge can cause anxiety on the part of students and parents – here are some good ways to think about addressing the challenge of helping your student prepare for High Trails.