Being a Counselor. Making a difference. 

High Trails welcomes you to the mountains for a few days of adventure, learning, hiking, bonding, leadership and fun!  We want to thank you for your interest and for taking the time to apply as a Counselor.  In this important position, you will serve as a leader, role model, and friend for the participating middle school or elementary students.  They will listen to your stories and cherish your friendship.

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What is the job?

     At High Trails, high school leaders...

  • live in a cabin with a group of students and help them develop into a cohesive living unit.
  • assist and teach discovery groups with HT staff and school teachers.
  • help lead evening programs, morning hikes and recreational activities.
  • work on the kitchen crew for a meal or two.
  • participate in leadership seminars and training sessions.
  • help in every way you can to make the program run smoothly.



What's the reward?

Although you receive no financial compensation, the benefits of working as a High School Leader are great.  Through our formal trainings and the hands-on application of the leadership and role-modeling skills we teach, you will grow as a leader and as an individual.  Friendships, good food, and time spent out of your traditional classroom setting all complement the growth you will experience during your time at High Trails.  In addition, at the end of the session, you will receive formal, written evaluations from the middle school teacher you worked with and from your High Trails Staff.  These can be used for job and college applications and references.

Get Started

To participate you need to do the following...

  1. Work with the High Trails coordinator at your school to determine when you can come up to High Trails.
  2. Fill out a medical form and bring it with you to the bus on your day of departure.
  3. Prepare to lead students by reading:
    1. Setting the Mood Introductory Discovery Group.
    2. Green Quick Guide to being a High Trails Leader.
    3. Your assigned Discovery Group Field Guide.

Up here at 8,500+ feet, you can only be a great counselor if you take care of your needs first! Refer to our packing list to prepare you for warm days and cold nights (and everything in between).