High Trails Leadership Team 


Sarah Krumholz grew up outside of Boston, MA. She studied history at Kenyon College in Ohio before moving out to Colorado. As an instructor for Overland Summers and the Colorado Outward Bound School, she's explored the mountains of Colorado, Switzerland, Iceland, and Alaska. Though she was respectfully booted from her sixth-grade choir, some students have favorably compared her trail-singing voice to Norah Jones.

Sarah came out to High Trails to work her first season as a field instructor in the fall of 2013. After 7 seasons of trying to find her tree, Sarah is excited to be up here in Florissant year-round as High Trails' Director.


Carlotta "Lottie" Avery is part of the bedrock of High Trails. She grew up in Michigan and came out to Colorado just to visit family. Through the years she has helped develop the program into what it is today. She loves working with teachers and staff to develop a community that is focused on educating every child. Lottie is also a naturalist at heart. It is common to see her walking in the woods near High Trails doing some bird watching, nature photography, or cataloging the current wild flowers in bloom. 


Mike Adler is from Milford, Michigan and attended the University of Michigan studying Kinesiology. After a couple of years working and coaching high school sports, he decided it was time to pack up and head out west. He loves anything to do with the mountains and woods of Colorado, especially playing mountain goat on the various slopes and crags of this great state. Spending time as an instructor for the Colorado Outward Bound School, a ski instructor, and counselor/trip leader for Sanborn Western Camps has helped teach Mike how to  share the natural world with others.

Mike has been roaming the woods of High Trails in costume since the fall of 2014, and is stoked to be helping this season as the Assistant Director. Mike also works as a Director for Big Spring Ranch for Boys.


Head Field Instructors


Hi friends! My name is Val and just recently moved from Kansas to Colorado. Although I'm sad to leave The Plains behind, I am beyond stoked to be working outdoor education at High Trails. I've been lucky enough to spend the past five summers at Sanborn, and I can't wait to spend the fall here as well. I've spent the past two years working in special education and I'm excited to gain more experience in different areas of education and teaching. I'm a big fan of sandals (#RUTO aka rolled-up, toes-out), unnecessary hashtagging, and karaoke whenever appropriate (#always).


My name is Maria Ashkin.  I was raised in the high mountain deserts of Santa Fe, New Mexico.  I am 25, and have degrees in fine art and botany from UCSC.  I exist in the fluidity between the arts and sciences which fuels my drive for outdoor discovery with my camera in one hand and a field guide in the other.  I love to travel, climb everything, and swim.  I feel passionately about working with children in the outdoors because I believe the impacts of experiential education extend far beyond the trail or outdoor classroom.  I hope to inspire an enthusiasm to observe, respect, and protect wild spaces through teaching about ecology and the interconnected world we inhabit and love.  I am overjoyed with the opportunity to work with your kids this spring!