Make a difference. 


Being a leader at the High Trails Outdoor Education Center is a remarkable opportunity to be the best version of yourself, and see that effort reflected right back at you through the experience of your students. As a High School Counselor, you will stay up late and wake up early, tie little shoes and find lost water bottles, teach about the inner workings of a Ponderosa pine, and put on a ridiculous costume and dance. If this sounds exhausting and challenging, it is! High Trails is a whirlwind of new experiences bellied by the intentional support of peers, teachers, and the High Trails staff. For many who choose to come here, High Trails becomes a truly life-changing experience.

If you're interested in making a difference in the life of a young student, gaining new leadership skills and meeting new people, contact the High Trails coordinator at your high school to get your application process in motion.