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Staff members at High Trails live and work on the 6000-acre property of the Colorado Outdoor Education Center here in Florissant, CO.  Outdoor Education Instructors are involved in a wide variety of work, from teaching about local geology to orchestrating the setup and cleanup of meals.  Staff members spend a majority of time outside, and lead programs and classes starting before breakfast and ending after post-dinner evening activities. Because of this, we encourage hardworking applicants with college degrees and positive references from former employers, teachers and associates.


High Trails hires instructors for the spring and fall seasons. Fall runs late August - mid November, and spring runs late March to mid - May. 


We are now hiring on a rolling basis for our spring 2018 season, which begins March 19.

For an inside look at the day-to-day of HTOEC instructors, check out Episode 3 of Seasonal Skin from instructor Claire Jones (and while you're at it, give the whole podcast a listen): 


High Trails Leadership Team 


Sarah Krumholz grew up outside of Boston, MA. She studied history at Kenyon College in Ohio before moving out to Colorado. As an instructor for Overland Summers and the Colorado Outward Bound School, she's explored the mountains of Colorado, Switzerland, Iceland, and Alaska. Though she was respectfully booted from her sixth-grade choir, some students have favorably compared her trail-singing voice to Norah Jones.

Sarah came out to High Trails to work her first season as a field instructor in the fall of 2013. After 7 seasons of trying to find her tree, Sarah is excited to be up here in Florissant year-round as High Trails' Director.


Carlotta "Lottie" Avery is part of the bedrock of High Trails. She grew up in Michigan and came out to Colorado just to visit family. Through the years she has helped develop the program into what it is today. She loves working with teachers and staff to develop a community that is focused on educating every child. Lottie is also a naturalist at heart. It is common to see her walking in the woods near High Trails doing some bird watching, nature photography, or cataloging the current wild flowers in bloom. 


Logan hails originally from Owensboro, KY. During summer breaks in college, he usually found himself making the long drive out west to Colorado to work for our summer camp program. After receiving a degree from Eastern Kentucky University, and a stint of working on trails for the Conservation Corps in Chattanooga, TN, Logan finally came to work for High Trails. Despite our efforts, we haven't been able to get rid of him yet. Logan is very excited to now be our year-round Assistant Director.

Logan spends most of his down time playing with his four legged companion, Tate, climbing on rocks, roller blading, reading philosophy, and trying to play guitar.


Head Field Instructors


Hi friends! My name is Val and just recently moved from Kansas to Colorado. Although I'm sad to leave The Plains behind, I am beyond stoked to be working outdoor education at High Trails. I've been lucky enough to spend the past five summers at Sanborn, and I can't wait to spend the fall here as well. I've spent the past two years working in special education and I'm excited to gain more experience in different areas of education and teaching. I'm a big fan of sandals (#RUTO aka rolled-up, toes-out), unnecessary hashtagging, and karaoke whenever appropriate (#always).


Our Fall Field Instructors! 


My name is Claire and I can't wait for my third season at High Trails! I grew up in Denver, but have since called many places home -- Wisconsin for college (go Badgers and cheese curds), Washington DC, a tent for five weeks on the 485-mile Colorado trail, night buses throughout Asia, and Park City, Utah. My degree in conservation biology and summers attending and working at camps, led me to pursue a career in outdoor education and leadership. My first year at High Trails solidified my love for teaching (and a new found love of climbing and backcountry skiing and talking in accents even when you're not teaching). When I'm not in the mountains, you can usually find me cooking, dancing, eating, laughing, making a podcast and/or any combination of the above. 



Hi everyone! My name is Rob and I'm excited to be joining High Trails for the first time this fall.

I was fortunate to grow up living and moving between different places around the world, which helped me develop a love for exploration, culture, and history. I have always enjoyed being outdoors, but I truly fell in love with the mountains during two years' service as an AmeriCorps volunteer in Alaska and Idaho. Most recently, I worked at a boarding school in the Czech Republic as a dorm head and trip leader. I am a graduate of Elon University in North Carolina with a degree in international studies and political science.

I love skiing, drawing in my sketchbook and anything to do with tasty food. Most of all, I love doing all those things in natural settings while building a deeper connection with myself and the world around me.

See you on the trail!


Howdy Y’all! My name is Anne, and I am STOKED to be back teaching at High Trails. I originally hail from Atlanta, GA but have called the mountains home for the past six years. I graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Recreation Management focused on Youth Development. I am the Program Director for our summer camp and love spending my fall teaching in the outdoor education program. I love playing my guitar, chilling with my dog, and walking up mountains as much as possible. I am passionate about the out of doors and cannot wait to ignite that passion in the students at High Trails this fall. 


Jonah has taken it upon himself to choose his own spirit animal, a Blue Heron. However, he recently saw a Wolf in Yellowstone, and may have to do a little switcharoo. Jonah began working in the outdoors at the tender age of seventeen. He worked as an assistant counselor at Sanborn for a summer. He mostly washed dishes, but his pruned hands and dish-bleached clothing were no deterrent, so he returned for three more summers. Now, as a recent University graduate, Jonah is very excited to see the Aspen leaves change color at High Trails for his very first season as a field instructor!


Hello! My name is Gretchen and I am a graduate from the University of Minnesota with a degree in landscape architecture & architecture. I recently moved to Colorado to play in the mountains! My favorite pastime is rock climbing and playing my violin. My life goal is to become a teacher and to be outside as much as I can. 


Sup, y'all?! I'm Peter, am colorfully charismatic and have lived in Charlotte, North Carolina for the past six years. I played football, earned a Bachelor's in Creative Writing, a Master's in English: Composition & Rhetoric, and won the Graduate Student-Teacher of the Year Award at UNC Charlotte. 

I cherish time spent outdoors and feel most at home when given creative freedom to express ideas and tell stories. As a new member of the High Trails family, I couldn't be more excited to grow alongside everyone I'll be fortunate enough to interact with. 


Hey there! My name is Sam Brown and I grew up in Connecticut, but have been finding my way to the mountains since college. I studied Environmental Science and Studio Art at Wellesley College in Boston, MA before making the move out west. I believe deeply in having a pocket snack at all times, preferably one...or five of Vicky's cookies! I developed a passion for the outdoors through leading backpacking trips in Durango, CO and doing field work in Yosemite National Park and the Wasatch-Uinta National Forest in Utah among many other outdoor adventures. I can't wait to meet all of the High Trails students this fall and encourage them to use their sense of wonder inside and outside the classroom!



Hi everyone!  My name is Nell, and I am looking forward to being at High Trails this fall after having a great time as a counselor at Sanborn this summer!  I grew up in Vermont, but I have lived in Idaho for the past year and a half while earning a Masters in Natural Resources and a certificate in Environmental Education.  I love being outdoors, especially when I am hiking, biking, sailing, looking at rocks (I was a double major in Geology and Art History), or cross country skiing.  I can't wait to meet all of the High Trails students and have a chance to explore the outdoors and learn with them!


Hey there! My name is Megan and my excitement to work at High Trails this season is through the roof! I am originally from Boise, Idaho – though, I also share my heart with Oregon and Colorado. In May 2016 I graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition. After graduation, I came to Sanborn to enjoy my third summer and have been working here year-round ever since. My hobbies include eating ice cream, non-choreographed dance moves, playing Settlers of Catan, and being on a mountain (either on skis or on foot). I am passionate about children, education, and adventure and I look forward to fusing all of those together at High Trails.


I'm Erin and I enjoyed my first summer at High Trails in 2015 as the arts and crafts programming coordinator. I am originally from the Midwest and moved to Colorado this summer after residing in Kansas City, MO working at an urban charter school on the operations team. I have a lot of hobbies but some of my favorite things to do are photography, rock climbing, looking at bugs, and meeting new people. I look forward to extending my stay in beautiful Colorado and pursing outdoor education, starting with the upcoming fall season and HTOEC.