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District 20 High School Leadership Day

09/09/11 at 05:30 PM

Initiative Wall

Today we had a blast!  About 70 high school leaders, nominated by their school's High Trails Coordinator, arrived here around 8 this morning.  These students will be coming back throughout this fall, and serving with the other high school leaders throughout the season.  This was our chance to help them build their leadership skills, expand their comfort zone, and have a great day.

After breakfast and an hour-long leadership assets discussion led by Chris Tholl, small groups hit the trail, each led by two High Trails Staff.  They spent the morning engaging in discussion and participating in team building challenges, followed by debriefs.  Each challenge aimed to build their understanding of their own potential as leaders, and to prepare them for the responsibilities of their postition as a high school leader when they return this fall.

After lunch, groups arrived at the high ropes course, where they continued to challenge themselves and encourage each other to explore outside of their comfort zones.  Beautiful weather prevailed throughout the day, and the students are now finishing up an end-of-the-day debrief before a great looking lasagna dinner.  What a great way to get ready for the season, and to get pumped up by helping to build new leaders for this season!